Oregon Mini Bike Enduro

Saturday May 16, 2020

Who: Anyone.

What: 100 mile or 100 minute mini bike endurance ride.

Where: In a socially distanced location

When: Ride starts at 10 am.

How: Get a mini bike and a place to ride.

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Corona 100 Stay-In-Place Option:

Find a socially distanced location to complete either 100 miles or 100 minutes on a mini bike. Raise money for the Oregon Food Bank or a local Covid-19 relief charity of your choice by soliciting pledges for the number of miles or minutes that you will ride on May 16th.

To fund raise for the Oregon Food Bank select the link and donate directly or create a sub-team. To use the Pledge Tracking sheet make a copy of the tracker and add it to your Google drive.

Directions to create a Corona 100 Oregon Food Bank sub-team.

Sample Social Media Post:

Help me raise money for Oregon Food Bank. #NotTodayRona #Emergestronger [link your Oregon Food Bank Team Site or the Mini Bike Gambler OFB group site]. 

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